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             EASY Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide

I wrote this guide because I want to teach you how to eat for the rest of your life according to your body type/needs, your goals and desires, without the crazy crash diets or extreme measures. I want to give you a real life, maintainable solution to staying fit and healthy for the rest of your life. Notice I said HEALTHY? 

To me that is the most important part even above the esthetics of being fit. I didn’t want to give you a cookie cutter meal plan that you have to follow to the tee. 

I want to give you the TOOLS you need so you can decide what is on your plate everyday while seeing the results physically. I want to give you the tools to TRUST in your own nutrition decisions. I want you to become your own personal nutritionist because in that there is FREEDOM.  

What's inside:

-47 pages of nutritional advice

Includes the following sections:
-Nutrition for fat loss
-Nutrition guidelines for maintenance
-Nutrition guidelines for muscle gain
-Food list

I will teach you how to count calories/macros OR eat according to portion size so that you don't have to track anything!  My goal is to show you how to make nutrition EASY. 



                  Reclaiming Strength:  10 week ab program

As a mom of 4 who had all 4 of my babies in a 5 year period, I know just how hard it can be to get your abs back. I suffered from diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia. I also know that I tried so many different ab workouts after my fourth pregnancy and did not have good results.  I was very frustrated. This led me to become a pre and postnatal exercises specialist and to study under two Women's health Physical Therapists so that I could understand how to properly heal and strengthen my core.  I am sharing what I learned and how I improved my own abs with my Reclaiming Strength Core Program.  Most traditional ab programs do not focus on strengthening your inner most core which is key after pregnancy.  My program will teach you the correct exercises to do so that you get the results that you want!!   

What you get with the Reclaiming Strength Core Program:

-10 week core program (focusing on the abdominals) that utilizes the correct abdominal exercises to get a flat stomach.  There are no sit-ups or crunches in this program.
-Targets: a weak core, belly pouch, diastasis recti, pelvic floor
-Discusses the science behind a weak core and diastasis recti.
-Discusses how proper body mechanics (posture and everyday movements) impacts your core.
-Includes low impact cardio recommendations and 2 low impact HIIT workouts
-76 pages with photos and descriptions of each exercise.
-Briefly discusses nutrition. 
-Access to the private FB group (Abs After Babies Reclaiming Strength Core Program ) with videos, and the ability to ask questions and to be supported by others who are doing the program.
-Specific instructions for the postpartum period. Is safe following c-section or vaginal deliveries.
-The workouts are 10-15 minutes long and are done 6 days a week.
-There are 5 phases to the program with each phases lasting 2 weeks.
-Is effective for women who had babies recently or 20 years ago.
-Can be used prior to getting pregnant or during the early stages of pregnancy to help with postpartum recovery. Bounce back fast!

-This is a digital download and you will have it instantly after payment.


3 Panel abdominal rehab splint

If you have diastasis recti or abominal separation, a rehab splint can help decrease your healing time.  Splint use is highly recommended for those with DR during the Reclaiming Strength program but is not required. In my ebook I give you instructions for determining if you have diastasis recti. Splint use is also helpful for recovery during the post partum period.


This is a relatively soft splint and the panels allow for flexibility for movement. It is comfortable in standing and sitting and allows for the natural curves of the body.  We use this splint in pregnancy as well since the panels allow it to securely conform around your growing belly bump.  This is also our most comfortable postpartum splint as it is supportive and comfortable in your newborn parenting postures. When fitted properly, this splint overs full coverage and good facilitation for your transverse abdominis.

This splint was designed by a women's health physical therapist and is exceptional.  But I have also included another splint that you can find on amazon to compare.  It is under the recommended products tab. I have not personally tried the splint on amazon.

Sizing:  Measure your tummy around the widest area which is usually the navel.

Small: 28"-38"

Larger: 38"-48"

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Get ready to incinerate fat and improve your overall health and fittness with the 5 workouts in this guide.  

HIIT workouts are an incredible way to effectively burn fat in a short workout. The best part about these workouts is that you will continue to burn fat for up to 36 hours after you complete the workout. Score! 

The key to this type of workout is to push as hard as you can during the 20 seconds of work!! Give it your all and then use the 10 second rest to recover. I personally use a free tabata timer app that tells me when the time is up for the work section and rest section. That helps you to really concentrate on the workout. 

The workouts range between 20- 26 minutes and you need little to no equipment.  
Note:  Not all of these exercises are safe for Diastasis recti so please modify the workouts as needed.

Price $2.50

Find workout ideas on our Instagram @drkellyfitmomof4