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 I am over the moon excited that you are here reading this!  As a mom of 4, I understand first hand, how the body changes after pregnancy.  

 My mission is to share the post-baby ab and fitness secrets, that I have discovered through years of research and my own personal fitness journey, with other women who are experiencing the same challenges that I have experienced. If I can inspire, encourage, educate, and give hope to at least one other woman my mission has been accomplished!  

What I want you to know is that you can heal your abs and get rid of the post baby pouch.  Yes, you really can and I will show you how through my programs. Your post baby abs will be better that you could have ever imagined. I promise!

Be sure to read my blog were I will post tips, check out my programs, and see my daily activities on my instagram and facebook.


                                                            Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux

                                                                    Mom of 4,

                                                          Abs After Babies creator



Find me on Instagram @drkellyfit