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3 Panel abdominal rehab splint


3 Panel abdominal rehab splint


3 Panel abdominal rehab splint


If you have diastasis recti or abominal separation, a rehab splint can help decrease your healing time.  Splint use is highly recommended for those with DR during the Reclaiming Strength program but is not required. In my ebook I give you instructions for determining if you have diastasis recti. Splint use is also helpful for recovery during the post partum period.


This is a relatively soft splint and the panels allow for flexibility for movement. It is comfortable in standing and sitting and allows for the natural curves of the body.  We use this splint in pregnancy as well since the panels allow it to securely conform around your growing belly bump.  This is also our most comfortable postpartum splint as it is supportive and comfortable in your newborn parenting postures. When fitted properly, this splint overs full coverage and good facilitation for your transverse abdominis.

This splint was designed by a women's health physical therapist and is exceptional.  But I have also included another splint that you can find on amazon to compare.  It is under the recommended products tab. I have not personally tried the splint on amazon.

Sizing:  Measure your tummy around the widest area which is usually the navel.

Small: 28"-38"

Larger: 38"-48"

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